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Shoutbox by Photographer

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The Baseballs about their hairdo and marriage
thx Emmi Kagatt

Sam: I love those mikes! It looks like the mike ...
Basti: No, not really! It was a camera...
All: Hello...
S: we are...
all: ...The Baseballs
Sam coughing
Host: Great beginning!
D: Just two and a half minutes...
B: ...then it's over!
H: Well, how did you get to like this music style?
S: Yeah, it was... in a way you can say that our families made our contact to Rock'n'Roll. Was that a good sentence? Yes, super!
Digger: It was exactly what you wanted to say...
S: Right! So more or less it was the fault of our families and we all were very young when we listened first to Rock'n'Roll, I was 6, Digger was 6, Basti was 8, and yes, when you're so young...
D: (to the host) Have you noticed that? Who was 6 and who was 8?
H: 6 and 8? 8 and 6?
S: 6, 6, 8
H: 6,6,8
S: Exactly, and the thing is, when you're so young you don't really think abou what you're listening to at this moment. So you don't think does this song have a hidden meaning or a real message, you just know you like it or you don't. You just want to dance to it we all three listened to Rock'n'Roll and thought: hey, that's good music to get into a good mood and we loved to move around. From this point we were fascinated by the Rock'nRoll.
H: Well, can you actually dance the Rock'n'Roll?
S: We all are doing the hipshake, we are not the real Rock'n'Roll dancer ...
B: ...we are not the ballroom dancer...
S: Right, but the hipshake is very very imortant and actually this move just comes to you, you can't really train it or better, you shouldn't train it and think about how to do. You get it when you listen to the music and like it and like moving a bit, then it is a normal thing.
D: You know at the afternoon no one was hanging around with you because they all visited those dancing schools...I always thought...and the worst thing was that they had to practise these dancing steps and when you were in the disco together in the evening they started to move to Madonnas music, doing all their standard dance stuff and you're thinking: what idiots! Why do they do that? For me this was the reason why I never did that. I found it quite silly to ask: should we dance? and then: yes, Scooter (HipHop) ...(waltzing around)
S: I always was proud that no one could convince me to have dancing lessons. Same as you (Digger) What did you get for doing well? Little Stars? Did you have dancing lessons? (to the Host)
H: No, I never had!
S: OK, very good! Very likeable!
D: I believe you could get a golden star or something. Maybe nowadays you get miles-and-more for being a good dancer...nowadays they are all linked.
H: So you can't waltz or something?
S: Well, I think if it's really important we could manage to waltz...I think...
B: You say that!
S: I don't know! I mean I ...
D: Now we have a certain age and all our buddies start marrying now. We are lucky and maybe are far away from that point...Who knows what we're going to do tonight? (to the Host)...and ehm...
H: Don't provoke something!
S: Some waltzing!
D: No! But you know they invite you to their wedding and they say: it would be so nice if you would be my "best man" and then you have to google what is the meaning of being someones best man and then you read that you have to do the first dance together with the young couple. Most times it's a waltz and then...
B: ...with the couple?
D: Yes, often you have to...well someone else...with a woman...
B: ... with the brides maid...
D: ...for example...if she knows how to do it. That's why we're often watching videos in the internet and see how you have to dance a waltz. No, not often, but I remember one night when we all were watching dance lessons in the it allowed to say here...Well, we watched how to dance this...ehm, but it's not really then you don't have to have dancing lessons. But we ARE thankful to all the dancing teachers because we have heard that they begin to teach the Rock'n'Roll moves again because there is this fabulous band named The Baseballs. They are bringing back this fast music and so you can dance Rock'n'Roll again. We are very proud of it but it wouldn't make us having dancing lessons.
H: So on your wedding you would dance Rock'n'Roll or what would you do?
S: Basti, what would you dance?
B: In a way it depends also on what the Lady wants to do. So if someone says: Digger, would you please dance this waltz with me?...I'm playing his girlfriend now...would you dance a waltz with me?...then...ehm...
S: I'm going to leave now...
B: ...he would say: God, you really turned ugly, probably!
D: I'd say: What the hell did I drink? Maybe...
B: What have I drunk?
S: Must have been really hard stuff!
B: I think maybe we would do it...
S: But Rock'n'Roll is also a thing...if it becomes late at the wedding party and it turns out to be really funny and you're eating more and more cake the Rock'n'Roll is an important thing. It should be a mixture!
H: Have you ever tried other music styles or was it really always Rock'n'Roll? Since you were 6? Do children listen to music before that age?
D: Well, in Germany it's a law: You're not allowed listening to any music until you're 6!
B: And in the eastern part of Germany you were allowed until you were 8.
D: I understand!
S: You're a poor boy!
D: It isn't so that we're completely into the Rock'n'Roll. We couldn't do what we're doing if we were. I mean transform current hits into Rock'n'Roll style. If you listen to our iPods you find a mixture of 30 to 70 %. 70 % Rock'n'Roll and 30 % Lady Gaga ...Is there anything else in the charts but Lady Gaga? No!...Ah, there is? I thought, Lady Gaga has all...
S: In five minutes time she'll release her new song!
D: I'm so happy about that! Amazon is already buying shares...Well, we listen to the current songs in the radio and there are really many good artist of these days we like to hear, for example Michael Bublé or Paolo Nutini or Jason Mraz. Artists who really do handmade music and not on their computer, and that are the songs we sing sometimes in the band bus if we have an acoustic guitar at hand. So we don't just sing songs of Elvis or so but also current music.
H: Which is your current project?
B: Always on new songs! We just finished "Born this way" and we played it here today for the first time. And...if a song appears in our focus we don't hesitate and make a try...zack...boom...I don't know...we didn't have the time to do something new...I just try to look some kind of thinking hard...
S: The thing's just summertime and we're doing a lot of festivals right now. And we're planning somehow because we will do a European tour in autumn. So we Basti said..if you listen to a song in your car in the radio...
D: ...I said so...
S: Basti also did...appears in his focus he said...
B: Ah, this is the synonymic for radio!
S: Right! So if we hear a song and have an idea how to present it in a Rock'n'Roll style we try to work on it with our band and make it a song for our tour. So there is never a time off, we are always looking for new songs and transforming it. Yes!....How are you?
H: I'm fine! Last question: How do you fix your hair? To make that quiffs?
S: We need a lot of hair products. There are three different ways to do our hair. I use a lot of pomade, this vaseline thing like it was in the Fifties, with fragrance and oil.
D: Oily fragrance! You could say it shorter!
S: Right, and some hairspray. And Basti...don't know...and Digger uses a lot of hairspray, in fact only hairspray and the hair-dryer
D: There is a hair-dryer hidden in my hair...
S: Diggers advantage is, no matter how windy it is outside the quiff is fixed...
D: ... and if I do like this...(hitting his head against Sam) it ok?
S: Yes, of course! Looks great! If you're out in the sunshine with the pomade in your hair...what you're going to do? (to Digger) No, not now!...If it is very warm it may happen that the quiff falls down...or if it is raining...but then you can...if you have a comb with can comb a new quiff quite easy. Digger can't!
D: On the other hand I can do tap-dancing!